inca trail



The department of Cusco lies in the south Easter region of Perú. We will visit the downtown and the surroundings of Cusco, with a tour called City tour, this tour is programmed to see the most important historical places of the Inca time as will as the colonial places, it has about 5 hours of duration, generally we perform in the afternoon at 14:00 hours.


THE MAIN CATHEDRAL: It was built on the ancient Suntur Wasi temple and years late on the palace of the Inca Wiracocha

QORICANCHA (THE TEMPLE OF THE SUN): Enclosure which lays in the well named Temple Of The Sun. Nowadays is the Saint Dominic Monastery. It was the most important religious center of the Inca Empire.

SACSAYHUAMAN: It is 2 km. the city of Cusco. It is an archaeological complex of impressive dimensions. Its construction is typically Inca, consisting of three platforms superimposed with a length of 360 meters. The communication is done with numerous staircases and doors, all made of stone. One of these stones, for example, measuring 9 meters high, 5 meters wide, and has been calculated that his weight is 361 tons.

Q´ENQO: 3 km, from Cusco, the most important Inca shrine nearly Cusco, in the amphitheater there is monolithic rock about 5.90 mts. With shape of the puma, this shrine was a temple in honor of mother earth, where the priest worshipped to the earth.

PUCA PUCARA: 8 km. From Cusco, it seems to have been a military fortress or a stopping place on the way from Cusco to the Sacred Valley

TAMBOMACHAY: 9 km. From Cusco, we appreciate nice water fountains, water ruins always the same quantity, it was possible a temple to worship the water. Spanish chronicler called as the Inca Bath. At the end of the tour we came back about 18 hours.